Dreaming up the world in her own way to display the mysterious beauty of life. She draws you in to her transcendental journey of consolation, healing and wisdom.

Leonie Bellé is a jazz singer, composer and dancer. She expresses her artistic vision in music just as much as she does through dance, poetry and her visual art works. Because of that her art gains a saturated multidimensional aspect that moves the listener in all ways possible.

With the soft tone of her singing she creates a soothing atmosphere around her through improvised, beautiful melody choices. An euphonic voice that, with it‘s noble sound hypnotically touches you deep at your heart.

Much like an avant-garde artist she is merging her own signature way of composing in her songwriting, rather than to stick to a certain scene or trend. Vivid lyrics packed with symbolism inspired by her dreams, ancient literature and personal experience tell stories from a woman‘s perspective about life‘s lessons.


Her use of exotic grooves through odd meters as well as the use of modal harmony and improvisation are much jazz influenced. She still remains fundamental to a lightness that can be found in the most catchy rock songs of the past century while having the compositional complexity of a classical symphony.

Experimental parts up to a touch of free jazz meet the simplicity of a storytelling folksong. Through their openness and airy feeling, her songs smoothly invite the listener to immerse themselves in the depths of the world through the magnificent inner workings of the language and to take in a touch of the magical energies that sourround each and every one of us.

Her musical thinking is enriched through the ability to play multiple musical instruments, educated in classical piano and singing from age 9 and studying Jazz at the Conservatorium Maastricht in 2019, being a student of Sabine Kühlich. Her theatre, musical and dance experience from age 6 on shaped and influenced her artistic thinking and performing on stage.

The upcoming debut album „Born from the Blue“ is rooted in performing as a singer-songwriter, accompanying herself on acoustic guitar and piano.

During the studies she worked with talented international musicians like Oliver Cervera (p), Ivan Stanković (b) and Simone Formisano (dr) with whom she formed her quartet.

The vision of the album explores the path of going deep into yourself to find something that has the ability to free you from suffering, to find back to yourself, the treasure, that is in all of us.

The album displays this concept through various ways of symbolism that is stretched from influences from ancient wisdom, religion such as a more pantheistic approach to life.

In songs like „You Sea“ or „Siren“, the depth of the water is used as a metaphor for the depth within your soul – While delving into the ocean, as delving into yourself to experience your completion, only to come back out of it with a treasure in your hands, that holds the message of love.

Other songs like „Miles Away“ or „Moonman“ symbolize aspects of a character with the phasic ways of the sun and the moon. These analogys are treated in a personal yet archetypical way, trying to touch the parts of the experience of existence that somehow every one can relate to.

Overall the album is about a process of facing the difficulty of life for example in songs like „Melancholia“ in order to find yourself in a katharsis like in the song „White Night“ or „Your Blue Moon/Jacob‘s Dream“, which artistically transfers hope, consolation, connection and guidance within us.