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White Night

How does snow sound like, if you‘d listen? More like cool jazz than hot. But to me, this scene inspired me to write a calm atmospheric tune in 3/4 for only piano and vocals. An intimate, melodic sound with airy vocals and jazzchords was the mood in a winter morning that fit the dark, yet hopeful lyrics. The song tells about finding relief and turning back to the state of clearness, innocence and hope. Whatever we go through as individuals or society, whenever there is fear and grief, there is relief, too. This innocent beautiful transformation sounded for me like snowy winter morning, which in fact, turned out to be my muse the second before the lyrics came to my mind. If there’s something called the dark night of the soul, then I guess, there must be a white night aswell, which occurs blissfully and softly as snow. After I wrote the lyrics, I danced in a shadow that came through a light shining through the window. I loved to communicate through the language of dance and movement in particular, by seeing only my shadow dancing, expressing emotional messages through movement. After the recording session with Philipp Jeschke I started to film certain elements such as torchlights in the night, symbolizing the ability to seek and see the hidden truth, entlightenment and guidance in the dark, and then, of course the snow. I chose to collaborate with Alexander Dohmen who told me about a specific camera technique, that fit my idea which creates the atmosphere of hectic lights to contrast the calmness of nature to represent the ongoing tension and relief of modern life aswell as internal emotional cycles. Working auditivley and visually, turned out to be my first single release called ‚White Night‘.